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Low Cost VIDAA Smart Television Brand Goldfinch

BY ADMIN | Oct 05, 2022

The Best Operating Software for TV - VIDAA

The Best Operating Software for TV - VIDAA


                  The birth of Smart TV not only made televisions smart but also made homes smart. Regular Tv does not have any processing power whilst internet can be connected to smart tv which would deliver a wide variety of options to navigate through. Smart Tv can stream a lot of content ranging from movies, music etc while regular Tv needs additional equipment to stream content. Different smart Tvs operate in different ways. The use of OS in television has unwrapped a new era of technology. Let’s see how VIDAA OS made their journey into television.


                               VIDAA is a linux based smart operating system, which simplifies the traditional smart TV user interface with a one dimensional ribbon design. It’s a global platform where users can seamlessly navigate through. VIDAA offers intuitive,rhythmic flow of content and is much faster and reliable. 


Features of VIDAA OS

  • Extremely content and user centric operating system.

  • Curating personalized content to the users ranging from dramas, music,comedy, documentaries etc.

  • Remote controlled functions to manage volume, channels etc.

  • Universal search allows to search through all content partner apps

  • Hands free experience by using VIDAA voice control features.

  • Faster boot up time.

  • It exposes content rather than application


Why is VIDAA OS better than others?

  • Boot up time for VIDAA OS is just 3 seconds while for Android OS it is 30-40 seconds, Samsung Tizen it is 30 seconds and for Panasonic Viera it is 20 seconds.

  • VIDAA OS has lesser lag time when compared to other OS like Android. If Android OS is not calibrated well it will have more lag time.


Other OS options available for TV

  • Android is the most popularly used smart TV OS. This OS is based on the linux kernel.

  • Web OS is also a linux kernel based multitasking operating system for smart devices like TV and smart phones.

  •  Amazon Fire OS is developed by Amazon and was recently integrated with TV (2016) with the edition name Fire TV.


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