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BY ADMIN | May 10, 2021


A few years ago, selecting a television was quite easy. Smart TVs were only emerging then. However, with the introduction of modern audio and visual technology as well as innovative operating systems, it has become a daunting challenge. Before deciding on a smart TV that fits into your budget and has the features you want, you must consider a number of factors. This blog covers the features of Goldfinch TV, the best TV brand in Uganda and Nigeria.

Given its status as the largest seller of televisions in African countries such as Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, and Burkina Faso, you've almost certainly heard of Goldfinch if you are a tech enthusiast. Since it provides a wide range of sets at a variety of price points & with a base level of quality above more discount labels, the South Korean electronics manufacturer has a strong customer base.

Goldfinch is also a major supporter of LED/LCD TVs, offering a wide variety of low cost android televisions with new models being added every year.

Goldfinch provides the best smart televisions in a variety of sizes like 32 inch, 43 inch, 65 inch, 85 inch, etc . So, in order to narrow down your options, you'll need to settle on the screen size of the TV you desire to own. The sizes of these TV screens vary from moderate to enormous. The size you choose will be determined by your budget, the size of the TV room, and your personal TV preferences.


1. Supreme picture quality

This is one of the most noteworthy features of Goldfinch. The best smart tv sets have impressively detailed, enhanced picture quality which will give an amazing viewing experience.

2.   Efficient in Energy consumption

Apart from having a superior picture quality , Goldfinch LED TV sets are very much energy efficient. They absorb a limited amount of energy in comparison with the LCD TV sets. There is more than 50 percent cut in power in using LED TV sets. So if you are worried about smart TVs consuming too much power, rest assured with a Goldfinch TV.

3. Longer life expectancy


Goldfinch's best smart TV sets are guaranteed to be among the most long lasting on the market. While standard smart TVs are designed to last anywhere between 2-4 years, Goldfinch’s products are all designed to last longer without compromising its most notable features. The TVs come with warranty also. With an affordable price tag, the Goldfinch TV can give most other Smart TVs on the market a run for their money. 


4. Stylish Design

Goldfinch TVs have a scientifically advanced design that extends beyond the screen's edge, allowing you to focus on what's on the screen. It has a sleek, almost invisible bezel that gives it a more attractive appearance. Goldfinch’s TVs are also lighter compared to many other smart TVs in the market, and appear very appealing. 

5. Wide Screen Viewing


Widescreen view is another feature of Goldfinch TVs. Earlier the TV sets that were found in the market had 4:3 image ratio. This was the reason why the picture would cut in awkward spots and  places. Today a normal HD TV has 16:9 ratio which is the widescreen format. With 4K TVs gaining more momentum, Goldfinch offers the best of both worlds - a widescreen view with incredible picture quality which is not far behind that of a 2K or 4K setup. 


6. A Cinematic Experience


Goldfinch big screen televisions with incredible sound quality make you feel like you're in a movie theatre. The detail of the display combined with the great sound quality makes every movie watching experience memorable. While your eyes register the quality and fine picture detail, your heart enjoys movies and music the way it should. With the right acoustic setup in your TV room, the viewing experience will certainly impress. 

6. Comfortable Remote Quality


The Goldfinch smart remote is ergonomically built to provide a secure grip. The remote's controls are pretty straightforward. Like most other TV technology, it’s quite easy to connect with other devices. A few high-end variants of Goldfinch TVs have added new controls with improved responsiveness and more durability. 



Goldfinch TVs are garnering a reputation across the globe for their sturdy build quality, significant picture quality, appealing design and praiseworthy affordability. Feedback from customers also vouch for the TVs’ longer lifespan compared to many other models from various manufacturers. A warranty is an icing on the cake. Goldfinch’s increase in popularity and rapid expansion serve as a testament to customer satisfaction and product quality. 


If you are researching to buy a smart TV that’s worth its price in more ways than one, TVs from Goldfinch will not disappoint. Bigger lifespan, better picture quality, immersive viewing experience - all at a very affordable price tag. 

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