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Low Cost LED TV Deals

BY ADMIN | May 26, 2021

LED TV : Features, Advantages And Best Deals

Features Of LED TV | How It Differs

With rapid evolutions of technology,
LED Televisions have started to replace LCD televisions. LED televisions use light-emitting diodes to backlight the display rather than the cold cathode fluorescent lights which are generally used in standard LCD televisions.

LED televisions have undoubtedly lower power demands and convert power to light more methodically resulting in lower heating and lesser light exposure, which can cause dimness. An LED technology also lasts much longer than most other lighting technologies.


There are three different LED technologies generally used for display-

• Edge-lit LED - This is the most commonly used technology in LED TV, in which white LEDs are situated around the edge of the screen and a diffusion panel is employed to brighten the display evenly.

• Dynamic RGB LED - This type is placed behind the panel to make it possible to target areas for dimming more accurately, which in turn leads to legitimate recreation of blacks and whites.

• Full-array LED - LEDs are located behind the panel in this form of display in the same way they are in RGB LED displays, but there is no capability for localised dimming.

Features of LED  TV

• Authenticity - LED TV is much more reliable over a plasma TV. The reason behind this is very elementary. The attributes are very much satisfactory and it is considered to be finest when it comes to longevity. Today it’s easy to get our hands on reliable and cheap LED Televisions with the best after sale services.

• Efficient in energy consumption - Apart from having a superior quality picture, LED TV sets are very much energy efficient. They absorb a limited amount of energy in comparison with LCD TV sets. There is more than 50 percent cut in power in using LED TV sets. Bigger electricity bills won’t be a concern.

• Exceptional image quality - This is one of the noteworthy features that will shift the gear from LCD to LED. One will find that LED TV sets have enhanced picture quality which will give an amazing watching experience. The black levels are very refined over the earlier form and one will experience the blackest colour. The brilliance and the keenness of the LED TV is outstanding over normal LCD sets having fluorescent bulbs.

• Longer lifespan- LED sets guarantee to be one of the most long lasting televisions in the market. Known for its longevity, Mercury is not used while making LED sets and it generates less heat which results in better life expectancy of LED televisions compared to their LCD counterparts.

What size TV should you buy? 

The best TV size for you should be determined by your personal requirements, as well as the requirements of your house, the size of the room you want to install it in, the number of people who will be watching it at any given time, and your budget.

Goldfinch TV, the best television brand in South Korea, has an impressive collection of LED televisions in  different sizes at the most affordable price tags, without any compromise in build & design quality .

Here are a few suggestions you can check out.

If you are looking for a small size TV, then a 32 inch LED TV would be the perfect option for you. More people are now buying predominantly the very popular 32 inch LED televisions these days because of affordability. Their picture quality rivals the very best that plasma televisions can offer, at a more effective level of energy consumption. A 32 inch LED TV is definitely superior to the standard LCD TV in terms of overall picture quality.

Or if you intend to buy a big screen TV you can go for a 55 inch LED TV or a 100 inch LED TV.

These sets are ideal for hosting large groups or families, watching football and sports matches on a big screen, and enjoying 4K Ultra HD videos and movies to their full potential.


Televisions have changed a lot over time. A few years ago, televisions were kept in the corner of a room so people would scarcely use it. But today it has become one of the most active media. The rise of Smart LED televisions meant that anyone with an internet connection can have a better, more feature-rich watching experience with their televisions. You can also enjoy a new entertainment experience without internet connection in your home.


Do you want a television with this many features?

Check out the Goldfinch Company right away to find a television that fits your preferences and budget.

Goldfinch is a South Korean multinational electronics company that designs, produces, and sells products online. Goldfinch offering the latest LED Televisions have emerged as one of the fastest growing global manufacturers in the development and design of LED models. They are known for providing the best TV technology boasting certified exemplary quality and assuring utmost reliability at competitive prices.
Buy a Smart LED TV, and enjoy the new ‘Smart’ experience.

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